Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another Surgery

Yep, you read it right, another surgery! I am undergoing reconstruction. I said I would not do it, but there were several things that made me change my mind.
First of all I found a wonderful doctor, Dr. Reath. He is awesome and has done a great job so far I am very pleased.
And unfortunately insurance companies run the show so I had a small window in which I could have this done so I thought I had better do it now and not regret not doing it 10 years from now.
I am about three weeks out and I am doing very well. It was a four hour surgery and I stayed in the hospital a couple of days. I cant believe how well that I have done, I have surprised myself!
Of course I have over done it a day or two.
I have tissue expanders in right now so I have to go in every two weeks and get them injected with saline. I get to fill them up until I have the size that I like, isn't that the coolest thing!
You have to find the silver lining in these things!
Once I am satisfied with the size I go back for my permanent implants which will be in about six or eight months.
They said it will take a year from start to finish and then I can close this chapter in life.
Very exciting.