Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Latest

Wow! Is all I can say about life right now. I don't know if it is wow in a good way or the dumbfounded "I can't take anymore" kinda wow. Whatever it is that is the theme of the last
month. I always like to start each year with a theme that I would like to work towards during the year and of course there is nothing funnier to God than hearing us talk about "our plans".
So I start my year out with the determination to get out of this isolation that circumstances and myself have kept me in for the last four years. Can you believe that it has been almost four years since my life changed forever.
Anyway, So I start out the year with what I think is an uneventful surgery. Out patient Reconstruction stage 2 . So surgery went well doing great recovery is a breeze until, yes you know there is always more when it comes to me and my life. Well I develop a high fever two days into recovery. Now what, surely it is not an infection, I mean I am taking antibiotics for goodness sakes! Leave it to me to have something off the wall! Well I go to the doctor and what do I have? A raging case of shingles!! Shingles! Can you believe it!! Well in the grand scheme this is walk in the park, but forget getting out of isolation with shingles!!
Of course, I think it is hilarious! I am getting all my illness' out of the way, being old is going to be a breeze!
So anyway, I am recovering from it all and back to work and loving it.
I am learning s lot about myself through these times, I just see God refining me an molding me into what He intends and sometimes that may require a little isolation.