Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Life is so funny. We spend most of our time wishing we were in the future and then we spend the present wishing we were in the past. Seems crazy. You would think that me of all people would have some kind of grasp on time and how we should enjoy every second and savor every moment with friends and family.
But, yes I too take it all for granted! You would think after the loss of a child and cancer I would have snapped out of it just a little!
Well a little is about it! Though I have many more moments that I let go that I used to worry about, and I do take the time to answer when I hear the words MOM! shouted from across the house! And the things I let get me upset don't upset me anymore.
So yeah maybe those things I have been through for the last few years were worth it.
Because I am definitely not who I was nor do I wish to be that person again! And I definitely am trying to look at time differently.
There is something that I am looking forward to in the future and that is putting this whole cancer business behind me! Buddy that is something I look forward to this year.
I will be having the first of two surgeries in a few weeks, of which I am very excited about!
I will be getting some new girls to accompany me through the rest of this crazy life!
I went today for my pre-op appt. and it will take a year to complete, but considering the past year this should be a walk in the park!

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